In the future robots coexisted with human beings. The world moved on and the robots did their job helping people. Until they began to think for themselves. The government was not happy with this and ordered it to lock up and destroy all the robots on the planet. And so the robots were almost extinct. Almost. One day, Clara – a girl in a wheelchair, goes a long way from her home and arrives at a concentration camp.  There she meets a robot – probably the last robot on planet Earth. This is how they start a deep friendship based on silence and understanding. But something terrible happened and they were separated. 70 years later the robot awakens and begins the search for Clara. In a world that has changed, and where intolerance of difference reigns. “Robot” is a show made mostly with recycling. As is usual in David Zuazola’s works, the mechanisms, sets, and curious characters inhabit a different and special world, far from conventionalism with powerful stories of humanity. This show is released thanks to the support of the Polish Ministry of Culture.

Creative team

Original idea: David Zuazola

Director: Marek b. Chodaczynski

Music: Marek Zurawski

Adaptation: David Zuazola and Marek b. Chodaczynski

Puppet Design: David Zuazola

Camera operator and editor: Mariusz Grabarski


Additional information

When can you watch the performance ONLINE

from September 14, 7:00 p.m.
until September 16, 7:00 p.m.
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